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Cultural Convergence : Edu Global School's English Immersion Program in Perth


In an era of globalization, the ability to communicate in English is increasingly essential for students worldwide. Recognizing this, Edu Global School from Indonesia embarked on an enriching English immersion program in Perth, Australia, spanning eight days. This unique cultural exchange aimed not only to enhange the students' language proficiency but also to provide them with an immersive experience in an English-speaking environment.

Phoenix Academy : The Hub of learning

The heart of the program was the Phoenix Academy, where 56 eager students from Edu Global School delved into a comprehensive English curriculum. The academy's immersive teaching methods fostered language acquisition through interactive lessons, discussions,  and practical exercises. The students were not just learners; they were participants in a engaging language experience.

Homestays : Loving with Locals

To deepen their understanding of the language and culture, the students lived with local families in homestays. This firsthand experience allowed them to apply their newfound language skills in real-life situations, forging connections with the welcoming Perth community. The homestay experience provided a window into Australian daily life, creating lasting memories for both the students and their hosts.

Educational Excursions : Beyond the classroom

The program extended beyond the classroom, with educational excursions to notable Perth landmarks. Visits to the Indonesian Consulate (KJRI), Caversham wildpark, Fremantle and a city tour broadened the students' perspectives. These excursions not only enhanced language skills but also fostered an appreciation for the cultural diversity and natural beauty of Perth.

Cultural Showcases : Art and Tradition

Edu Global School students didn't just learn English, they shared their own culture through art performance, traditional dances, and songs from Indonesia. These cultural showcases provided a platform for cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation among students from different backgrounds.

Academic Visits : Exploring Higher Education

As part of their educational journey, the students visited Canning collage , Edith Cowan College and Edith Cowan University. These visits exposes them to the Australian education system, giving them insights into potential academic pursuits and future opportunities.

Edu Global School's English immersion program in Perth transcended traditional language learning. It became a holistic cultural experience, blending language acquisition with exposure to Australian life, educational institutions and a vibrant cultural exchange. The program not only enhanced the students' English proficiency but also left an indelible mark on their personal growth and cultural awareness. As theses young minds return to Indonesia, they carry with them not only improved language skills but also a broader perspective and a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of our global society.

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